Charlie Kroll

Author of:
"Fred Bear, The Biography of an Outdoorsman,"
 fishing books: "Squaretail " and "Pools of Memory,"
along with countless outdoors articles in national sporting magazines over the years.

Charlie Kroll on the Kispiox River in British Columbia
In my experience, there appears to be six stages or plateaus of desire in the life of a fisher:

1) to catch a fish
2) to catch a lot of fish
3) to catch big fish
4) to catch difficult fish under difficult conditions
5) refinement of tackle and method
6) to catch a fish

Charlie Kroll

In Memoriam

Charlie Kroll was interviewed late in 2004 for future airing of a segment about the 2005 ATA Archery Trade Show on Rut and Strut Outdoors.  After Charlie's death, Rut and Strut featured Charlie on the show, March 21, 2005.  If you missed it, you can see clips of Charlie as he tells about his bowhunting past and changes in archery equipment.

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The Men's Channel

Charlie Kroll was inducted into the Michigan Bowhunters Hall of Fame April 9, 2005 at the annual Michigan Bowhunters Hall of Fame Banquet. Tom Jenkins and Pete Kocefas did the presentation at the banquet with about 300 people in attendance.  Also inducted were:  Ron Laclair, Joe Vincent, Ruth Keck.

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Michigan Bowhunters


Fred Bear: Biography of an Outdoorsman (1988)

Excerpts from "Pools of Memory" (1994) TRY AMAZON

Blue Ribbon Game Recipes (2003) SOLD OUT


Charlie Kroll's Bumble Bee
by George Gehrke / American Sportsman

Charlie Kroll hunts Trophy Elk in Wyoming
(With Fred Bear in 1952)

See Charlie Kroll featured in the Music Video, "Fred Bear "

Charlie Kroll Photo Album

Black Bear With a Bow
Sports Afield July 1961
Charlie Kroll hunts with Fred Bear and Byron Dalrymple in remote Ontario for black bear in the spring  on the site and trails of abandoned logging camps.
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Where you can read excerpts from
FRED BEAR Biography of an Outdoorsman
by Charles Kroll